Cantilever Racking is a warehouse storage system that is optimal for the storage of long and bulky materials as there is no structural part of the system that interfered with the handling of your product.

The Meca cantilever system has an extensive range of arm and base combinations to suit all type of storage applications.

The superior design of the Meca system allows for easy adjustment and reconfiguration of the height of the load levels thanks to the column to base bolt system that makes it the ultimate choice when planning for growth and change for your business and warehouse needs.

Meca's pivot arm technology is leading the way in design and functionality as well as providing a preventative measure against structural or product damage.

To find out if cantilever racking is the storage solution for your business, contact us to arrange a free no-hassle quote.


  • Engineered to capacity holding.
  • Column to base bolt system that allows for maximum flexibility.
  • The ultimate in flexible storage systems with a unique pivot arm that can be repositioned in as little as 20 seconds!
  • 12 Month warranty to cover fair wear and tear on product installation.


  • Unilateral, bilateral or combination side loading.
  • Indoor or outdoor use with the option of galvinised or powder coat finish.
  • Colour match finish to your business corporate colours.
  • Light, medium or big load systems that range from 3 metre to 12 metres in height and arm depths of up to 2 metres. 
  • Manufactured overseas in compliance to Australian Standards 4084-1993 and to meet all safety requirements.
  • Designed to withstand the heaviest of workcylces using high strength carbon steel.


  • Materials - Only the highest quality materials and highest grade steel materials, finishes and standards are selected to manufacture the various components of our cantilever rack storage systems.
  • Manufacturing - Using advanced design software and engineering, Meca products are manufactured to exact tolerances. All items produced by Meca are able to be tracked by individual batch numbers, ensuring that in the unlikely event of product malfunction, a recall can be activated immediately.
  • Finish - We have tested our 5-step coating process in a salt fog chamber and know that we can provide a perfect finish every time with up to 6 years of protection.