While the pressure continues to cut costs and make distribution more efficient, Meca Racking Solutions were recently called upon by Australia’s leading safety company RSEA to consolidate two of their warehouse facilities to form a national distribution centre based in Melbourne’s south-west.

Meca Racking Solutions were briefed to maximize pallet storage potential using conventional warehouse storage solutions however on review of the situation, Meca’s project team proposed a more dynamic storage solution that could increase their pallet storage by 30%, an additional 720 pallets.

The project manager reported that “Upon inspection of the new warehouse it became obvious that there was a better way to maximize the available space and to give the client better productivity.  With the assistance of Adapt-a-Lift a specification was prepared combining the Meca Pallet Racking system using an Aisle Master forklift.  The combination enabled us to achieve the desired results to the customers satisfaction”.  

The installation was completed earlier this year and has given optimal productivity improvement to the RSEA business.  

The selective pallet racking model that was designed, manufactured and installed by Meca Racking Solutions used a flexible model that provides an adjustable system, easily configured to warehouse growth and expansion. The selective pallet racking allows any business 100% selectivity for storage and picking and is a well proven efficient solution for supply chain management.