Tyre Storage Racks



Meca have designed storage systems for Tyres, Vehicle and Automotive retailers who need a combination of storage options.

Efficient storage of product, tyres and vehicles maximises the product life span and minimises damage or safety concerns.

Tyre Storage

Tyres of all shapes and sizes can be stored on vertical arms or horizontal on long span shelving.  Both options can be used for retail display or warehouse bulk storage.

Vehicle Storage

Car and automotive part storage has been made simpler with the use of special racks designed by Meca for smash or used car lots and automotive part suppliers needing a warehouse solution for display and stock.

To find out if tyre and auto storage is the storage solution for your business, please contact us to arrange a free no-hassle quote.


  • Column to base bolt system that allows for maximum flexibility and ultimate safety and strength.
  • Option for galvanised for outdoor longevity or powdercoated for durable industrial finish.
  • Engineered to capacity holding.
  • Ideal for trade show or showcase display of vehical or new products.