As important as an efficient and well operating warehouse is a safe warehouse.  To ensure the safety of your staff and customers, Meca offer periodic safety checks as a proactive way to keep your warehouse storage in top condition, and compliant with OH&S guidelines.

We will provide a report on our findings, highlighting any areas of damage, worn or perished components.

Our safety officers can also be called out to your site to inspect your system independently to ensure all standards are being met, procedures of care and storage are being followed and any changes made to the initial and specific installation have been done correctly.


Operators Manual
A comprehensive operators manual is provided to your warehouse management on completion of the installation of your racking system, that includes details for forklift operation, safety awareness issues and correct usage of your Meca racking.

Free Annual Safety Audit
Meca will come back to your site every 12 months to undergo a free safety audit check ensuring your warehouse storage solutions is safe and still compliant.